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Is it too late for me to get rich?

Over and over, people share their fears with David Bach, America's leading money coach and the number-one national best-selling author of The Automatic Millionaire. "If only I had started saving when I was younger!" they say. "Is there any hope for me?"

There IS hope, and help is here at last!

In Start Late, Finish Rich, David Bach takes the “Finish Rich” wisdom that has already helped millions of people and tailors it specifically to all of us who forgot to save, procrastinated, or got sidetracked by life’s unexpected challenges.

Whether you are in your thirties, forties, fifties, or even older, Bach shows that you really can start late and still live and finish rich – and you can get your plan in place fast. In a motivating, swift read you learn how to ramp up the road to financial security with the principles of spend less, save more, make more – and most important, LIVE MORE. And he gives you the time tested plan to do it.

The Start Late, Finish Rich promise is bold and clear:

  • Even if you are buried in debt – there is still hope.
  • You can get rich in real estate – by starting small.
  • Find your “Latte Factor” – and turbo charge it to save money you didn’t know you had.
  • You can start a business on the side – while you keep your old job and continue earning a paycheck.
  • You can spend less, save more and make more – and it doesn’t have to hurt.

David Bach gives you step-by-step instructions, worksheets, phone numbers and website addresses --everything you need to put your Start Late plan into place right away. And he shares the stories of ordinary Americans who have turned their lives around, at thirty, forty, fifty, even sixty years of age, and are now financially free. They did it, and now it’s your turn. With David Bach at your side, it’s never too late to change your financial destiny. It’s never too late to live your dreams. It’s never too late to be free.

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This website has some really good resources on the 'learn' tab. I'm not sure if it would be good for our site, but you should still check it out. It has some worksheets that can be very helpful in keeping your stuff organized.



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